Sunday, 14 August 2011

Success oh success...


   How are u?? Hope all of u are in a good condition ..( practice english..hehe) i guarantee that most of u are facing examinations in this 2 about your preparation?? it is ok? it is excellent? or it is #$#!? i think that u can understand that new word..hehe. same with me..recently,i sat for my examination..

 based on my opinion, if someone has prepare fully for his or her examination, Insyaallah he or she can success fully in the examination..based on my latest experience in the examination, i have not prepared fully on one subject..that is *** me it was hard to answer it..and i finished answering the questions just in the nick of time..but how about my answers?i felt horrible. just tawakal..but the effort was not enough for me to tawakal..i realized my mistake..

 and Alhamdulillah i learnt my lessons or ibrah from it...i motivate myself  to continue my study..let by gone be by gone..but we need to turn back to realize our mistakes ^_^   most of my friends said that they will fail for their examination..why they said like that?? even though we cannot answer the question, but we should not have negative thinking..we have to open our mind and let the positiveness authorize our mind..we have to say that "WE CAN DO IT!" make a new mission..and TRY to delete the word 'delay' in our life..i think that u know the meaning of it..

i believe that all of u can success in anything we do..please recheck our intention..we have to set it..anything we do is for Allah..only for Allah..(also reminder for me..huhu) and do not forget to make a continuous effort for your success soon..even though we had settled on our examination..but do not stop here..continue your is not merely for the examination but to understanding..think of it! and lastly do not forget to pray ..pray is bonus for muslims..we as muslims should take for granted of it..remember...Allah will not burden His servants except the willingness of His servants..(refer to Surah Al-Baqarah 2:286)